Performed Research
  • Genetic characterization of small ruminant in Asia.
  • Identification and QTL mapping on chromosome 6 affecting milk yield in Iranian Holstein population.
  • Cloning and Expression of Growth Hormone Gene in common carp (Cyprinus Carpio).
  • QTL identification of worker foraging initiation in Iranian honeybee (Apis mellifera meda)
  • Evaluation of parentage testing in the Iranian Holstein population using  microsatellite loci.    
  • QTL identification of NPV resistance on silkworm, bombyx mori L
  • Comparative expression of growth factors in peripheral tissues and its effect in common carp (Cyprinus Carpio) in Caspian Sea region.
  • Study of possibility use by  Molecular  Marker on Y chromosom to parentage test in Sheep.
  • Chromosomal analysis of Iranian buffalo populations.
  • dentification of QTLs Controlling Important Traits of Rice in Two Different Population in Drought Condition.
  • The association of Bovine PPARGC1A, OPN and DGAT1 genes with milk production and milk composition in Iranian Holstein cattle populations.
  • Detection of QTL for milk components (fat and protein) on chromosomes 3, 14 and 20 of commercial Holstein herds using molecular markers.
  • Genetic Characterization and a Study on Genetic Relationship Between Iranian Caspian Horse and Other Iranian Horse Breeds.
  • Identification of SCID and OLWS diseases carriers in Arabian and Thoroughbred  horses using PCR technique

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