• Production of color ornamental fish by fluoresce genes
  • Production of rainbow trout fish by salmon growth hormone
  • New Probiotics supplements production  for poultry ,livestock, aquaculture and industrial insects.
  • A survey of genomic variation and population structure in Iranian sheep populations using whole genome genotyping.
  • Assessing sheep and cattle rumen microbiome to identify involed genes in digesting lignocellulosic materials using metagenomics method.
  • Adaptability evaluation of three new lime-like accessions in comparison to Mexican and Persian limes in the south of Iran.
  • Evaluation of horticultural characteristics for the genotypes resulted from the crossing whith aim of producing new lime-like accessions.
  • Tolerance evaluation of the hybrids between clementine mandarin, nagami kumquat and Mexican lime to Witches' Broom Disease of Lime (WBDL).
  • Reaction assessment of some mono-embryonic acid citrus genotypes to Witches' Broom Disease of Lime (WBDL).
  • Selection in seedlings with open-pollination origin in some acid citrus accessions (for tolerance to WBDL).
  • Tolerance evaluation of the hybrids between acid lemon and a number of citrus to WBDL.

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