Tissue Culture

  • Head of Department(Name, Email, Tel, Address)+Photo
  • : Shapour Abdollahi
  • : kabdollahi@yahoo.com
  • : +98 1333661503-4

      Address:  Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran-North Branch (ABRII), Qazvin-Rasht Road, Rasht, IRAN.

P.O.BOX: 41635-4115

  • Objectives and Research topics

Preparing micro propagation protocols for regional plants using tissue culture technique.

Assessing somaclonal variation and using it to make desirable varieties of regional plants.

Using tissue culture, haploid, doubled haploids and Polyploidy methods for breeding of strategic and ornamental plants.

Utilization of tissue culture techniques for the propagation of endangered plant species.

Introduction and localization of new plants for designing urban green landscapes.


  • Faculty 

Dr.Asad Asadi Abkenar

Sahar Bohloli

Mehdi Bakhshipour

Moslem PourEbrahim

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