• Head of Department(Name, Email, Tel, Address)+Photo
  • : Ramin Seighalani
  • : rseighalani@abrii.ac.ir
  • : +98 1333661503-4

      Address:  Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran-North Branch (ABRII)

Qazvin-Rasht Road, Rasht, IRAN.

P.O.BOX: 41635-4115


  • Objectives and Research topics

Applying advanced genomics methods (NGS, GWAS,..) for identifying and molecular breeding of regional plants and animals.

Systematic survey of phylogenetic relationships and evolutionary studies using advanced molecular methods.

Utilizing modern biotechnology techniques to identify and taking advantage of animal and plant genetic resources of the North region and the country.

Creating of genetic mapping.

Gene tagging.

Gene discovery and chromosomal locating for apply in molecular breeding and genetic engineering of animals and plants.

Designing DNA fingerprinting kits for diagnosis and determination of purity purposes

Isolation and transfer of beneficial genes for biotic and abiotic stresses.


  • Faculty

Payam Potki

Azadeh Javadi Taklimi

Hossein Alaie


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