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Production of farmed fish with ability of further growth
Production of farmed fish with ability of further growth

The need to increase per capita consumption of fish in Iran by Reaching the average global consumption and  Iranian population growth in the coming years, aquaculture especially fish farming program is a priority that should be considered to provide animal protein. Iran has high potential for aquaculture, especially salmon cage and the rearing ponds. Salmonids fish especially Rainbow trout fish have more omega-3 in their meat and have a good nutritional quality is a good choice for consumption in Iran and around the world.   The Main problems of salmonids fish farming industry in Iran can be of diminishing output and high costs. According to the aforementioned problems, there is a demand to increase the production of cold water fish farming for Iranian population growth in the coming years and this industry need sustainable development for rearing cold water fish farming by applying breeding program, selection and a transgenic fish farm production which produce much more meat in an equal time in comparison with non-transgenic one.


Population growth in Iran is the need to provide low-cost animal protein and the aquatic catch of world is constant. Aquaculture is increased by 12 times compared to 50 years ago but among this, to achieve solutions with high output of meat production of fish is logical. Iran's population growth has caused the population sixteenth in the world today but Aquaculture production of Iran ranked twenty-fifth in the world. All species of fish that can be produced in shorter time will have higher growth can be more productive than the most appropriate method of aquaculture to be considered.


- Achieving bio technique aquaculture production of transgenic farmed fish

- Fish production with further growth in a shorter time


Development of Fish Farming industry

-Increasing production of farmed fish, white meat fish with high quality

-help employment

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