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Production of color ornamental fish
Production of color ornamental fish

Iran despite having proper facilities for ornamental fish farming and having geographical potential of inland water fish, capable of domestication of it and genetic improvement of marketable ornamental fish traits but allocated zero percent of 15 to 20 billion dollars at the global market of ornamental fishes. Therefore, the industry  of aquaculture aquarium, especially fish with the qualities of remarkable color reproduction can be invested and the large number of inland water fish in terms of domestication and breeding and rearing can be easily trained, but attributes remarkable little traits to sell, with beautiful color, to increase their market-friendly. Using advanced genetic engineering methods, to change and improve the quality of color in the aquarium will be done


- Achieving sustainable aquaculture production of transgenic technology for the first time in the country

-production of ornamental color fish


-Development of production and training of Ornamental fish industry

- Creating the domestic market and abroad for aquarium fish

-increasing Aquarium fish production and help increase employment

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